Mario Bros. vs Mario Bros. Classic Serie


I have always loved the Mario Bros game, ever since i first played the arcade port of it on my Commodore 64. Its one of those timeless games that you never can get tired of. Its super simple to learn and control for new players, the gameplay idea is also simple but at the same time it can be very challenging! Mario Bros is a game for two players, and one thing i really liked about this game is that you can choose how you want to play it, either you coop with a friend and try to finish as many levels as possible or you battle up and try to kill your friend and get the highest score.

My favorite port of Mario Bros is the version released by Nintendo back in 1983. But it wasn’t until recently I discovered a new and upgraded version of this fantastic game called Mario Bros. “Classic Serie”. For me this version spiced up the game and made it even more fun! I’m going to walk you through the differences between the “original” and the “classic” versions.


The Mario Bros. Classic Serie version is actually a port of a game called Kaettekita Mario Bros that only was available on the Japanese Famicom Disc System. Back then the only way to get your hands on Kaettekita was to buy a blank FDS Disc and find a “Disc Writer” Kiosk at the mall, insert the disc, pay about 500, yen and then you had the game! Maybe an easy thing to do back then but nearly impossible to do today. Advertisements where also shown between the levels, for example one of them showed an ad of the upcoming Super Mario Bros 3 game.
Kaettekita Mario Bros. was later ported and released in Europe as Mario Bros. Classic Serie but with a new title screen, and instead of ads they added small instruction clips explaining the different abilities and enemies throughout the game.

So lets talk a little about what differs from the original version. The graphics have changed slightly, new sprites had been added for the enemies. We can for example see a new look on the turtles we encounter on the first level. They have also added a nice little animation to the turtles when they after a while crawls out their shell and flips it back 🙂

Well the biggest change is that you now have the ability to change direction after you jump! This might sound like a small update but it really makes a big change in the gameplay. With this new ability to change direction in mid-air the game gets so much faster! You can climb the platforms really fast as you can jump around edges, you also have more precision on where you land witch can help you avoid enemies and fireballs etc. For me this update made me change the way i used to play Mario Bros, i now move much faster between the platforms witch is really fun but at the same time I made more mistakes, but that’s just me 🙂 If you master the jumping right you can clear a level very fast, and its fun!


There are also big changes to the levels. If you play coop with a friend its now much more fun trying to beat the game, or at least trying to get as far as possible. Its now three levels you have to finish before reaching the bonus level, instead of two. The bonus levels change style every time, for example in one bonus level all the platforms where invisible.
Also a new deadly obstacle has been added when you reach the later levels, remember those falling Icicles in Ice Climber? They are now added 🙂 I’m not entirely sure about this, but have never seen them in the original version.

With the new added ability to change the direction in the air made the game easier and you can notice this as the original game gets tougher very early in the game as the classic version gets tougher a little later and the gameplay feels more balanced.
These small updates really makes the Classic Serie version much more funnier to play. And i can really recommend playing this with a friend and try to beat as many levels as possible!

Mario Bros Classic Serie is released as a Nintedo of Europe (NOE) game and as far as I know is only released in Germany. Does anyone have any other information just leave a feedback comment.

Here is a little movie i recorded comparing the Original and Classic version. Notice that the original version only has two levels and the Classic has three before reaching the bonus level.

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