Clarity – Eight taps to awesomeness!


TapTapTap recently released a new update of the iPhone app Camera+ where they added a new amazing hdr-like filter called “Clarity” and I must say that it works really well! But there is just one thing that annoys me and its that TapTapTap calls Clarity “One taps to awesomeness” no.. its more than one tap. Here is my letter to TapTapTap:

“Hi! I have read many reviews of your new awesome feature to Camera+ called “Clarity” and it looks and works really well! But the problem is that you call it “One Tap To Awesomeness!” but i cant get this “one tap” thing to work. Here is what i need to do. After i have started the Camera+ app i first tap once on camera button, then one tap to take the photo, then one tap to go to the library, then one tap to select the photo, and one more tap to go to the “edit” section, then one tap to select “clarity”, then one tap to select “done”, then one last tap to save the photo.. *phew* that’s a total of EIGHT taps.. not really *one* tap, and this is certainly not “awesomeness” for the usability of the app 😦

Maybe im doing something wrong? Maybe i have missed some “preset” feature to just tap once and then it takes the photo and automatically adds clarity in one go? If not, can you add this? Cause that would be awesome :)”

They replied and told me that they meant that you only need to tap once to apply the clarity filter to the photo.. well duh 🙂

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