8-Bit Pocket Camera – Review and Mod!

Do you want to capture some amazing lowresolution photos with the Gameboy Camera? Great! First you have to purchase a Gameboy and then a Gameboy Camera.. when you have these you can start capturing photos but there is just one problem, how to get the photos transferred off the gameboy camera cartridge? Its possible, but no.. its just to much work! The simple solution is to get the 8-Bit Pocket Camera app for the iPhone! (But if you still want to do it the real way, check my Big Gameboy Camera Guide for all the info you need about the Gameboy Camera http://thermoptic.posterous.com/the-big-gameboy-camera-guide )

I got this great comparison photo from Edd! @ Flickr showing the difference between the iPhone 8-Bit Pocket Camera app (shown on top) and the real Gameboy Camera (transferred with the Mad Catz GB to PC Camera Link Cable shown on the bottom)


The 8-Bit Camera app for the iPhone works really great! The creators of the app has been very accurate when it comes to have the same amount of pixels on the photos as the original Gameboy camera. This means that it has the same low resolution to have that authentic feel. You can save the photos and after choose between different borders just like the gameboy version. And then you can save the photo to your Camera roll or share it on facebook, twitter etc. But there are two big flaws… the border does not say “Nintendo” on the top and  “Gameboy” on the bottom as it should, instead it says “8-Bit” and “Pocket Camera” and this really ruins the feeling of the photo. Also the “paper” that the photo is “printed” on is really ugly :/ So i just did some modifications to the files and fixed both the border and got a really nice scan of a Gameboy Printer paper instead of the ugly one that comes with the app. Here you can see the results:


Of course this modification is only possible on a jailbroken iPhone. I will try to send these modified files to the creators of the app to see if they are willing to add them for a later version of the app. If you want to study the modified files (Only tested on 8-Bit Pocket Camera 1.1.3) you can download them here: https://www.box.com/s/f4e0aa067f939c66c31a

Update edit: Cristofer was kind and just shared some modded files with new boarders in the commens section for this post. He also informed me that its possible to add these modded files without a jailbreak 🙂 Location: root/User/Applications/Pocket Camera.app

4 thoughts on “8-Bit Pocket Camera – Review and Mod!

  1. Found your review via Flickr. This app is really nice I did a similar mod back in April to get some of the original borders into the app.


    I replaced all the built in borders with original ones you can download them here.


    The mod can also be done without jailbreak. Applications like “PhoneView” on the Mac and “iPhone explorer” on windows allow access to the applications section of your iDevice. Similar to what macworld showed but they were using it to recover game saves.


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