How to enable HD on an Pal Xbox using Enigmah


My Xbox broke so i got a new one the other day, fixed with a duox2 chip and 80gig hdd. The plan is to install XBMC, Emulators etc. I have done this many times before so its nothing new. But i stumbled upon a big problem here.. no HD support! What? After checking the internet for information about this it seems that a PAL XBOX doesn’t have support for HD, that is 480p, 720p and 1080p.. this only works on an NTSC Xbox.. not PAL.. what gives? But after some researching i managed to fix this! And this is what i did.

I downloaded a free utility for the Xbox called Enigmah (the file is called video_select_v2_enigmah-x.rar ) and extracted it.. inside i found an .iso cd image.. i burnt it and tryed to boot it with my Xbox.. did not work! So i simply extracted the iso, to do this you need a special Xbox untility, there are many apps for this but i used gXiso (the install file is called gXiso-1.5-setup.exe ) After i extracted the iso i used my FTP client to copy the files to my Program folder on the Xbox.
Then all i did was to boot up XBMC, go to the Programs section and just select Enigmah and the utility started.

When you are in Enigmah, just press A to switch your Xbox to NTSC or B to switch it to PAL.. the screen just shows the text PAL or NTSC on the top of the screen, there is no confirmation button or anything witch is really strange because you dont really know it its been activated or not.. but i thas! So when you have the region to want just power off your xbox and start it again. Now you need to enable the HD. You can do this from the original Xbox dashboard somewhere in the settings but i did this from XBMC. You find this option under Settings / System / Video Output (on the left side)
Then just select 480p, 720p and 1080p so they are enabled. Now your games should have support for HD.. and of course you need the official HD component cable to get this to work.

I was surprised to actually got this to work so fast! I found this guide… that had a lot of steps about changing the eeprom file etc. many advanced steps that scared me.. but i just ran Enigmah and changed it to PAL.. done! Maybe it was because the duox2 chip i have, or something else? Maybe i was lucky.

Now i can run XBMC in HD and also all my Xport emulators will have super crisp pixels! Just as it should be! 🙂

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