Mashed Vs. Wrecked


The Creators of Mashed – one of the best party 4-player games ever created – has finally released its spiritual successor to Mashed. I have now had the time to play it and as a big fan of Mashed I was sadly disappointed on some of the parts. The creators of the team was asking the players to send them feedback and gameplay issues. So this is my mail to Supersonic Software. Keep reading to find out what i thought about Wrecked and what differed between it and Mashed.

Hi! As a big Mashed fan i just wanted to share my thoughts about Wrecked, and what can be changed and improved.
Me and my friends have played Mashed A LOT and we where really looking forward to Wrecked. We have discussed what we thought about Wrecked and what you could add/change to make it better.. or as we express it: Make it be more like Mashed.
If we look at just Wrecked and forget about Mashed, then its a great game! Its really fun and there is not much you need to change in the game to make it better. Execept small bug fixes and maybe add more levels etc.
But if we compair it to Mashed.. then there is A LOT of changes that need to be done! We where expecting that Wrecked was a “port” of Mashed with better graphic, more levels, weapons etc. But instead we got a new game, not what we where expecting. I don’t know what your aim for Wrecked is.. was it to make a game for the fans of Mashed or was the aim to make a new game for new players? As i said before new players that never played Mashed before will probably love Wrecked. But Mashed fans are disappointed. Me and my friends came up with the idea to add an option called “Mashed Mode” to essentially make Wrecked feel more like Mashed. Here is our list of changes that we feel that you need to adjust in Wrecked:
1. The Controls. We want the gamepad to have the same mapping as Mashed. Or at least the option to change the controls. Gas should be on the A button and use weapon on X etc (Xbox 360). Right now it works but as we have played hundreds of hours of Mashed we are used to our old controllers and we want it back in Wrecked!
2. Weapons. This was a disappointment in Wrecked. If you got the right weapon in Mashed this could be your key to victory. The Weapons in Mashed really did damage and your opponent knew that they could loose if you had.. say a Machinegun or a Missile. In Wrecked they weapons are weak and feel pretty useless. They don’t really harm or make the other players loose control. The Machinegun was feard in Mashed, in Wrecked it just tickle the opponents a little. When I play Wrecked i usually avoid picking up the machinegun. in Mashed the Missiles could throw the cars into the sky off the track, or crash them into the ground and get totaled. In Wrecked if you get hit by a missile you just do a little flip and then a second later you are back on the track. Weapons in Wrecked feels weak and useless. They need to be adjusted to be more like Mashed.
3. Physics. One of the most fun parts of Mashed is ramming your car into other opponents trying to get him out of the stage. Its great fun and it works so well! And Mashed has this align grid system so when you turn your car slightly to the left or right it automatically adjusts itself to drive in a strait line, which is very helpful on every ones favorite track Polar Wharf. Wrecked has lost all this. The car physics in Wrecked is really good, i love to drift in the corners. And that great feeling when i manage to get my car back on the track when almost falling of an edge, almost grinding in the edge of the track as an skateboard. Its great. But its no longer fun to crash into other cars as it was in Mashed. This needs to be adjusted.
And also fix so the axis don’t get inverted when we drive backwards. One of the funniest moments in Mashed was when the car got pinned around 180 degrees and we instead just drove backwards. The cars should always drive in the same speed even if they are driving forwards or backwards. The only thing that should be changes is that its a little harder to turn in corners when you are driving backwards. Just like it is in Mashed.
4. Turbo Boost. 3. 2. 1. boost! This is how we started a race in Mashed. Please bring this back to Wrecked. The new Boost that you can use whenever you want in Wrecked is a fun addition, its perfect to use when trying to knock and opponent out. But we feel that it needs more options. Please fix so we can limit it, maybe only use it 5 time on a race. Fix so we can add a cooldown time. And please add an option to disable it.
5. The Cars. In mashed there where many different cars. The look of the cars are not important, its how they handled! Some cars where faster, some where slower. Some had better handling and some had better drafting. Wrecked only has one car, why? Please bring this back so we have more cars. or just the option the change the stats of the cars.
6. The Maps. You brought back Polar Wharf.. we thank you for this! But we want more of the levels from the old game. At least 5 of the best levels. Or just add some more levels for free.
7. The Camera. Please adjust the camera so it shows more of the screen. Its very zoomed in and we cant see what infront of us. Please at least add option to select angle with the select button like all other car games.
My friends that are fans of Mashed are asking me if they should get Wrecked, right now im saying: no stick with Mashed. Friends that never have played the game before im saying: Get Mashed on eBay and play it on your original Xbox or Xbox 360 (thankfully its compatible with the 360). Its sad to say this but as fans of Mashed we are not satisfied with how Wrecked turned out. Please listen to the fans. The game you have created is good and fun! But please add this “Mashed Mode” Option for us Mashed fans and everyone will be happy!
Thank you!

4 thoughts on “Mashed Vs. Wrecked

  1. I dont see the issue with the camera, seems part of the game but otherwise 1000 X YES!!!

    This has been said by myself and others many times now if they dont react quickly this could ruin them and there rep. Have you seen the ratings its getting not great mostly because of the lack of tracks..

  2. Jag gillar din skrivstil och hur konstruktivt brevet är. Har de sagt att de kan tänka sig att göra stora ändringar i spelet? Tror du det kommer att hända? Jag har ju inte testat Wrecked men speciellt det där med vapnen och att krocka med varandra låter betydligt sämre i Wrecked. Jag tycker poängen med Wrecked är att allt är så kritiskt- du är ständigt i livsfara och varje litet misstag eller genidrag från din motståndare kan avsluta matchen. Det är fantastiskt väldesignat just för att det gör att spelet går otroligt snabbt att spela och blir därför perfekt som sällskapsspel.

  3. Came across your post as I’m sat here with my 4 siblings.. We couldn’t remember the name of the spiritual successor to Mashed… Wrecked – it was nowhere near as good as Mashed.. One of the things you didn’t mention was the load times… I recall Wrecked being very slow to get into a game whereas Mashed loaded new tracks almost instantly…

    We’ve dusted down the old Xbox to play Mashed right now – in 2018 😀

    • Thanks for writing! Yes there where almost no loading times at all in Mashed. Remember when we finished a race on Polar Wharf and just mashed the X button to play the same level again and then after just three seconds we where playing it again 😀


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