Boiling a Nes Connector


I just got an Nes from a friend that he have had in the basment for many years. When i tried to start it it just gave me a grey screen, constant grey. When a Nes is working fine the screen is supposte to flash in grey. And no games would start. So something was very wrong. And from what I have heard 90% of the times a Nes isn’t working its the 72-pin connector inside the Nes that is old. What you need to do is order a new one, or just clean the one you have.

I decided to try to clean it before i ordered a new one. So what is the best way to clean a Nes Connector? After reading on the net and asking on some forums most people recommended that you cleaned it with isopropyl alcohol that you can get from the pharmacy.

So i opened up my Nes, witch was really simple. There are many guides and youtube tutorials of this on the net. I detached the connector and soaked it in isopropyl alcohol for an hour. Clean it and polished the metal surfaces on the connector. Really making sure it was clean and the metal once again would connect with the cartridge games. After this in connected the connector again. Inserted the game and started the nes. Nothing! Same grey screen. All the cleaing with isopropyl did nothing!

So i just figured i would throw this away and buy a new connector on eBay. But wait, I remembered something crazy i read in a thread about boiling the connector in water. Yes.. Boling! This sounded so crazy. But as i already had decided to throw this connector away i might as well try it!

After following a guide witch was really simple. Just boil the connector in water for 5 minutes. Let it dry and then it should work. So i did exactly this. Boild some water. Threw in the connector. Waited for 5 minutes. After that I used my hair dryer on it for a couple of minutes and then let it dry for another hour.
I inserted the connector and a game again and tested. It worked on the first try! Simply amazing. The idea of boling the connector sounded crazy but as the guy who wrote this guide said in the final step “9) Test cart, be amazed”

Here is the guide on how to boil a Nes connector:

I did a couple of animated gifs during the process just for fun:


View animation


View animation

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