Clean and Minimalistic Retropie Themes

RetroPie is really amazing if you are insterested in turning your Rasperry Pi into a retro-gaming machine. And with all these thousands of games in your library you will probably spend more time in the RetroPie EmulationStation frontend scrolling through games instead of actually playing them and because of this its really fun if you have a really nice looking theme to look at. An luckily there are some amazing theme creators out there. I especially like the themes that have a very clean and minimalistic look. So i just wanted to list a couple of them here.

There are two ways of installning themes, the easy way is directly via the EmulationStation Gui. Just go to the “RetroPie” selection on the screen, and then pick “Es Themes” from the list. And then just Install a theme from the list (there are many youtube guides for this) and then back in Emulationstation press Start en go to the UI Setting and scroll down to Theme Set. Done!

The other way is to download themes from the Internet and upload them via ftp. To do this you have to download WinSCP Client and connect to your RasperryPi via the Network. Go to the RetroPie selection and pick Show IP to get the Ip adress and connect to your Rasperry Pi using WinSCP. When you have connected locate the folder called “/opt/retropie/configs/all/emulationstation” and create a folder there called “themes” so it looks like this: /opt/retropie/configs/all/emulationstation/themes and then you can upload your themes here. Thats it. Just reboot your RasperryPi and the theme should show up in the Set Theme section in Emulation Station.

Art Book


A really amazing and clean looking theme with many different options and view modes. For more info go to the creators page here You can download the theme here



Another great and minimalistic theme. I just love the big artworks in the system selection. You can find more info of the theme here and you can download the theme here

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