Wizard of Wor just got a Coop mode!

Hokuto Force just released a new cracked version of one of my favorite c64 games of all time, Wizard of Wor. This crack adds a lot of trainer options like unlimited life, Invincibility, Autofire etc. But the most important feature is the Coop mode! This is essentially an option to turn friendly fire on and off. But this is a big deal as its really easy to accidentally killing your friend, so having this option really helps if you are aiming to get as far as possible in this game in a 2-player mode. You have to select YES when you are asked to Save High-Score to get the coop option. You can download the cracked version here https://csdb.dk/release/index.php?id=183327&fbclid=IwAR22UA64lCmpoawS7gFGfXYfGU6NAvhOl2_AO5MRFwdvlSJ7xQtYMhdv0gg

Favorites & Hidden Gems for the C64


I have previously written about my memories of the wonderful computer that I grew up with, the Commodore 64! In this post I will be listing some of my favorite games for the system that also are some hidden gems. But this list will be a little different then other lists on the net because I will be listing games that are actually still fun to play today! Let me explain..

The Commodore 64 is an very old system and has sooo many games released, but to be honest.. most of them suck. Back then you purchased games (mostly based of the very cool cover art) and played them over and over even though the game where poorly designed, frustrating, unforgiving and ugly! Today we know better. I have been looking back on the games I played and put my nostalgic feelings aside and just focused on the games that actually where good on the system, and that people still could enjoy today. Thinking, Would a person who never played a game is his life enjoy this game?
Ok enough talk, here is some of my favorite games on the Commodore 64 that I think are great and should be in everybody’s collection!

You have to win the game (2012)
This is an amazing port of a pc indie game. The original game (available on steam) also has this retro pixel design so the game converts very nicely to the c64. And this game is just amazing! Its an open world exploration game with metroidvania mechanics, where you have to revisit old places once you have found different objects and powerups. Great graphics, fun game play, tight and responsive control. I cant believe that this game has not gotten a physical release on tape/disc as this wipes most of the new games that gets physical releases today. Jet Set Willy is overrated, this game is not! Play this now! 🙂 Download


Bruce Lee II (2015)
One of the best games in the platformer genre for the c64 is without a doubt Bruce Lee released in 1984. Bruce Lee is a very fun an challenging game. But not so challenging that you cant finish the game, and that is rare for a c64 game 🙂 But im here to talk about the fan made sequel to the original game created by Bruno R Marcos for the pc back in 2013. He kept the feeling of the original game but added new sprites, enemies and new challenging levels! I was not alone thinking that this game would have been awesome to have on an original c64. In 2015 Jonas Hulten released the converted version of Bruce Lee II for the c64, and he did an amazing job! If you like the original game you really need to go and download Bruce Lee II now!


Bouncy Cars (1994)
There are many overhead racers for the c64, like Rally Speedway or the Super Sprint games but one game that i think beats those games in both control, level design and fun factor is Bouncy Cars! The thing that makes this a more fun game is the car handling, this is a drifting game. Yes a drifting game for the c64! And who doesn’t love drifting 🙂 So this game is all about mastering the controls and the drifting technique to get head of your opponent. You really need to be 2 players when playing this game. Oh and there is a sequel called Bouncy Cars Revenge which is essentially the same game but with new levels.


International Karate – Time Trainer Version (1986)
Int Karate is a real classic game for the c64! With a total of 16 moves this game beats all other fighting games on the system! And it have aged well, still looks great and is still so much fun today as it was back in 1986. But this version that im talking about here is the Time Trainer version released  by The Fall Guys giving the game a much better scoring system! The original version had that “best 2 out of 3” scoring system which i never liked. Instead the Time Trainer version has a scoring bar with 12 points. The player that gets all 12 points of the respective players color is the winner! And the system can get really intense and fun as you “steal” points from each other trying to get all points of one color. This version makes an amazing game even better! (There is a far more superior version released called International Karate Ultimate, read more about this further down in this post!)


Guns ‘n’ Ghosts (2013)
Two player games cooperative games are always so much fun, my obvious choice would be Bubble Bobble but this newly released game deserves a place in the list! Basically all you have to do is kill all the zombies that spawn on the level. Go to the next level and try to survive as long as possible. One thing I like in particular about this game is the asymmetric game play with the two different characters you play as in the 2 player mode, they have different ways to kill the monsters which makes this a very good cooperative game. Available to purchase from Psytronik.


Super Bread Box (2012)
This is a conversion of a fantastic indie game called Super Crate Box released on PC back in 2011 and ported by Paul Koller to the C64 a year later. Try to survive all the waves of enemies that spawn at the top of a one-screen arena. There is always one crate box on the level an every time you pick one up you get a new weapon, and there are maaaany fun and crazy weapons in this game! As you pick up new boxes you eventually unlock more weapons and levels, which makes this game super addictive! The game is released by RGCD and is available for free or you can order the cartridge from RGCDs store.


Archon (1983)
This is a great 2-player competitive game that mixes both strategy and quick interaction. Each player has a set of magical monsters and creatures with different strength and weaknesses, some are slow but have ranged attacks and some are fast but only uses melee attacks. You can win by controlling the 5 dots on the board or wiping the opponents monsters of the board. The chess-style moment is slow and has strategy, but the fun is when you go into combat and you can move your monster in real time. So much fun! There is also a great web-based version of Archon that you can play here.


Metro-Cross (1986)
This is a great port of the original arcade game developed by Namco that was released 1985 in Japan. The game is very simple, all you have to do is to avoid all obstacles by moving up and down and jumping to reach the goal in time. There are powerups that temporarily makes you faster and invulnerable. But its very tough as you need to be very fast to avoid the obstacles and to catch those valuable powerups to make it to the goal before the time runs out. Very addictive!


VVVVVV (2017)
Back in 2010 Terry Cavanagh released the game VVVVVV and it was amazing! A huge open world to explore with many challenging rooms, and the game only uses one button that switches the gravity, flipping the character up side down. The original game looked like a c64 game with the simple pixel graphics and it had the same feel as Manic Miner/Jet Set Willy with multiple rooms (no scrolling levels) and they all had clever names. So this game just had to be ported to the c64! And this was finally achieved in 2007 by “Unctiover” the port is really good. But sadly it does not feature sid version of SoulEyes amazing soundtrack from the original version. This game really need to be in your c64 collection!


LuftrauserZ (2017)
Now this is impressive! LUFTRAUSERZ is a Indie Pc game that was released back in 2014 and this is a conversion of that game. The C64 version of LUFTRAUSERZ was done by Paul Koller and it took 3 years to finish. The game runs at 50fps and four thousand unique player sprite frames are used. And the game is so much fun and addictive! The control you have over your plane is perfect and super smooth. And you always have different goals to complete to unlock more upgrades to outfit your plane with new weapons, bodyparts and engines that can create a total 125 different planes! You can get the physical cartridge version from RGCD och purchase the digital version from itch.io


International Karate Ultimate (2017)
One of the best games for the C64 became even better! A team of programmers took International Karate and implemented a lot of great options and tweaks to make it even better, and im telling you.. this is truly the Ultimate version! Some of the stuff added is many new areas you can visits, the original from Ik1, ik2 and 8 new levels. also there are 17 hidden levels as easter eggs! (Hold down RUN/STOP when you see the logo screen of the guy doing a karate kick to unlock the IK+ Levels or hold down the C64 key during the logoscreen to unlock Way of the exploding fist levels. There is also another button you can hold down to unlock even more levels but I sadly forget which button it was) You have the option to change the speed and colors of the players. They also implemented the new scoring system from the “Time Trainer Version” that i talked about earlier in this post in the two player mode. You can choose the original music or the new remixed tunes. And also you can remove those pointless minigames between the fights. And a lot more! If you have an Easyflash you can save all these settings and they will be automatically loaded the next time you play. You can download v1.1 here!

Update: A while after this release the developers held a Graphics Competition and released a new version called IK Ultimate Competition Edition with 8 new levels and some other nice updates to the game. Be sure to check it out!


64JPX Adapter Review (c64)


I got my c64 when i was 7 years old, a couple of years before i got my first Nintendo. I loved my c64 but even back then i never understood why the controller only had one single button, it was so irritating. And it bothers me still today. There are always workarounds when the developers created all these amazing games, the most obvious example is all the platform games, you often need one button to execute your action  (punching or firing your weapon), but then you also need a button to jump. So how did they solve this, well just push up on the joystick. So simple but yet extremely annoying, i just hate to push up to jump it should have its own button! And now, finally its possible!

The 64JPX – JoyPad eXpander is a small apapter for the c64 (and  Amiga and Atari compatible systems)  that makes it possible to use a Sega Genesis/MegaDrive, Nintendo SNES/NES gamepad on your c64, and the best part is that it has these on-the-fly selectable enhancement modes that for example places the “push-up-on-the-joystick-to-jump” to one of the buttons on the gamepad.

I have to be honest, i prefer to play games with a gamepad. Sure Joysticks and the Commodore 64 is something special, but i still think a gamepad is so much better to play with. Therefor i just had to have a 64JPX. Its possible to connect a Snes gamepad but i prefer the Sega Genesis controller so i bought the model of the 64JPX that had support for the Sega gamepad
Some of you might say “But you dont need an adapter to connect a Sega Genesis/Megadrive gamepad to the c64, they already work” Well that’s true, but not many people know that a connected Sega gamepad on a c64 can actually break the controller port on the c64!  With the 64JPX you dont have to worry about this, just plug and play.

And now to the fun stuff, the “Enhancement modes” There are three different pre-defined modes that you can switch between on-the-fly while playing a game by pressing a special button combination on the gamepad.
If buttons A, B, or C are pressed at the time the start button is released then 64JPX will enter one of the alternate enhancement modes. With the default mode the A button on the gamepad works just like the button on a Joystick. B and C are turbobuttons, perfect for shooter games.
My favorite mode is the Platform/Racing mode that changes the A button to simulate pressing UP on the gamepad. In platformgames like Giana Sisters you now have a dedicated jump and fire button, i just love this! And it also works great on racing games where up sometimes is used to accelerate or switching gears. There is also a Waddle mode for those Joystick-killer games where you have to waddle the joystick left and right, but instead of breaking your controller you can just enable this mode and press a button.

I made a video demonstrating the three different enhancement modes on some c64 games.

I was really pleased with the 64JPX adapter and I really recommend it! The adapter is created by the man who is behind the 64hdd website. I sent him a couple of mails regarding some questions about the adapter and I got a reply very fast, very helpful. No problems ordering and the shipping was very fast.

You can get a 64JPX from 64HDD.com here: http://www.64hdd.com/64jpx/64jpx.html

IMG_2953_620x465My C64G with the 64JPX, Protovision 4 player adapter, Sd2EIC Sd card reader, The Final Cartridge III and a Scart-cable

Review: Darkness (c64)


Do you remember those old Commodore 64 games when you didn’t know what to do, no explanation in the game on how to play it, no manual describing the story and no text or tutorials explaining what the hell was going on. And the games where also extremely hard and frustrating, but somehow you just accepted this and just play them over and over again. This is how it felt like to play Darkness.
In Darkness you move from one screen to another and there are over 100 screens, and you have no idea where to go and it’s extremely easy to get lost also without a map in the game you don’t know what to go so you just go back and forth and after while you will probably die and here’s one of the most frustrating parts of the game, You one have ONE life NO continues! Every screen has enemies spawning at random places and attack you very quickly so its very easy to get hit. Yes you have a little life bar and the possibility to upgrade your weapon, but that’s not enough! So after exploring many many screens and have no idea where you are and where to go, you suddenly die and its GAME OVER.. all is lost! This is not fun or challenging instead its hard, frustrating and evil!

Making a game like this today is very hard to accept when comparing how games are designed today. Back in the 80’s we didn’t know better and just accepted these frustrating games. But today games are so much better and fun. They have clever level design with built-in tutorials to make the player learn the game while playing them. Today’s games are about playing the games and having fun, giving the players extra lives to reach the goal. Darkness doesn’t live up to today’s standard and instead is a game from the past.

There are so small things that could have been added to Darkness to make it sooo much better and playable, first why not adding an in-game map? The “newly” released c64 game Fairy Well from 2012 had an great in-game map showing you all the screens, where you are, and what screens you have visited and where to go! It made the game so much more fun! Why not add this into Darkness? And why not add a couple of extra lives and continues? why not? People may not agree with me and this this is how it should be, evil and frustrating. But i think a couple of more lives would make it better. Also the game is pretty repetitive, you move from screen to screen and enemies spawn an attack you, i just don’t see the fun in this. If there would have been some puzzle elements added, maybe small quests, people to talk to  and other stuff to motivate you instead of just running around and getting confused then the game maybe would have been a little more fun to play. Its a shame because the game has potential and the graphics are amazing and has great music and sound effects.

I love to support new games that are made for the C64. I love to support the publishers like Psytronik and RGCD that make these games real but a game like this is hard for me to recommend. If you want an old-style and frustrating game and want to support the developers then purchase this game, but if you are looking for a fun game i would probably recommend purchasing some other game from Psytronik or RGCD.


Darkness is avalable on Psytronik here and on RGCD here.

c64 and tape-games shelf from IKEA

Just wanted to inform all retrogame collectors that IKEA has a shelf or “Picture ledge” that is perfect for tape cases for example Commodore 64 games. Its like the creators of this shelf had tape cases in mind when they decided the dimentions, the cases fit in exactly! The Picture ledge is available in two sizes and colors. Here is the link to IKEA product page, its called RIBBA. http://www.ikea.com/gb/en/catalog/products/50152595/



SD2IEC till Commodore 64 Guide

SD2IEC är kortfattat en SD-korts läsare som ersätter och funkar som en diskettstation. En sladd går till kassett porten på baksidan för att få ström och den andra sladden går till diskett porten och SD2IEC kan sen ladda C64 spel direkt från SD kortet på samma sätt som om du skulle ha en diskettstation kopplad till c64:an! Extremt smidigt och lätt! Jag hade tänkt ge lite tips på saker som är bra att tänka på och annat för att göra SD2IEC ännu bättre och smidigare.


SD2IEC + The Final Cartridge III / Fastcload Cartridge= ♥ Hatar du också att behöva skriva in det där jobbiga kommandot LOAD “*”,8 varje jäkla gång du skall ladda ett spel från diskett? Samma kommando gäller för SD2IEC och ja det är extremt irriterande. Därför anser jag nästan att det är ett måste att man skaffar sig en Final Cartridge III eller en Epyx Fastloader som ger din c64:a en snabbtangent så skriver in detta kommandot. Så allt du behöver göra är att trycka på en tangent så startar SD2IEC upp Filebrowsern som ligger på Sd kortet, helt underbart! Om du har en Final Cartridge III trycker du först F5 och sen trycker du F3. Om du har en Epyx Fastloader håller du inne C64 tangenten samtidigt som du trycker på Run/Stop. Det finns kanske andra cartridges som gör samma sak, men det är dessa två jag känner till. Epxy Fastloader kan du köpa nya här: http://www.thefuturewas8bit.com/shop/commodore/eflr.html

Med Final Cartridge III trycker du först F5 och sen trycker du F3

File 2015-07-08 10 56 26Med Epyx Fastloader håller du inne C64 tangenten samtidigt som du trycker på Run/Stop


CBM FileBrowser För att göra SD2IEC ännu lättare och smidigare så placerar man i roten på SD kortet ” CBM FileBrowser” vilket är ett litet program som ger dig en lätt interface visar upp ditt Sd kort och som du med hjälp av joysticken navigerar runt i mapparna och startar valfritt spel endast igenom att trycka på knappen på joysticken! Filen skall alltså placeras i roten av Sd kortet och skall heta ” fb64″ om den har någon filändelse som tex .prg så ta bort detta, det är i alla fall vad dom rekommenderar. Förutom kataloger så måste fb64 filen ligga helt ensam så inga andra filer körs istället för den. Om du har en FCIII som jag nämnde ovan så är det bara att trycka på F5 så laddar den automatiskt fb64 till minnet, sen F3 så kör den igång Filebrowsern på en sekund! Du kan ladda hem CBM Filebrowser här http://www.vic20.it/cbmfilebrowser/ fast jag rekommenderar verkligen att ladda ner “SD2IEC-Collection” paketet som innehåller alla filer som behövs plus spel, finns på denna sidan om ni letar runt i texten: http://www.sd2iec.co.uk/id6.html filen heter: SD2IEC_Collection.rar


Gör din C64 till en media spelare! Med hjälp av en SD2IEC och programmet Sidplay64 så kan du spela upp alla dina SID låtar direkt från din c64:a! Allt du behöver göra är att lägga in alla dina favorit SID låtar i samma mapp som Sidplay64, när du startat programmet så kan du välja bland dina låtar, ställa in shuffle, längen på låtarna och en massa annat. Mycket kul och smidigt! Sidplay64 v0.7 går att ladda ner via CSDB http://csdb.dk/release/?id=101736 men problemet med denna versionen är att den är i d64 formatet vilket gör att den inte kan se dina sid låtar som ligger i samma mapp utan den visar bara de sid låtarna som ligger inbakade i d64 filen. Så det man måste göra är att med hjälp av ett program ta ut själva prg filen av Sidplay64 och köra den istället för d64 filen så kommer det funka! För att underlätta lite så kan ni ladda ner prg versionen plus ett gäng av mina absoluta favorit sid låtar: https://www.box.com/s/e5wd672ub48apdkfqjze


Problem med din SD2IEC? Det släpps nya versioner av firmwaren til SD2IEC på http://www.sd2iec.de/ här kan man ladda ner de senaste versionerna eller nya builds från “nightlies”. Ladda ner den senaste versionen, exempelvis 1.0.0alpha0-60-gdb3c495 binaries. Packa upp filerna, lägg dom i roten av sd kortet, slå på c64:an. Den röda lampan kommer lysa medan den gröna kommer blinka lite, efter ca 2 sekunder så är det klart! Du har nu updaterat firmwaren. Jag gjorde detta för att lösa problemet med min Final Cartridge III inte ville funka med min SD2IEC. Jag uppdaterade och vips så funkade den! Vart köper man en SD2IEC och vad kostar den? Jag köpte min SD2IEC via http://www.sd2iec.co.uk/ och den kostade 480kr med frakt. Det tog ca 4 dagar så hade jag den. Jag mailade supporten ett par gånger ang problemet med min Final Cartridge III och dom var väldigt hjälpsamma och svarade på alla mail snabbt. Och allt löste sig fint! Alternativ till SD2IEC Det finns en cartridge som kallas EasyFlash 3 http://skoe.de/easyflash/doku.php?id=ef3intro den har inga sladdar utan är endast en cartridge som kopplas in på baksidan av din c64. Den har inte heller något uttag för SD kort utan man måste istället “flasha” över spel och program med hjälp av din dator eller ett program på din c64 som kan flasha över spel från diskettstationen till din EasyFlash 3. Detta är inte alls lika smidigt som ett Sd kort men den är väldigt mycket snabbare när du skall starta ett spel. När du startar upp din c64 och har en EasyFlash 3 inkopplad så får du upp en meny där du lätt man välja dina spel och så startar dom snabbt och lätt. En nackdel är att den endast har stöd för .Crt och .Prg filer, den klarar alltså inte av .d64 vilket gör att en hel del spel inte kommer funka på den. En EasyFlash 3 kostar ca 500kr och kan köpas från olika säljare. Den ultimata lösningen är en 1541 Ultimate Cartridge som funkar som en SD3IEC och en EasyFlash 3. Två i ett alltså. Den har stöd för EasyFlash 3 och har även ett Sd korts uttag. Och den kan göra en massa smarta och coola grejer. Inga nackdelar direkt, men den kostar ca 1400kr så det är den dyraste av dom alla! http://www.1541ultimate.net/content/ Bra video från techguruuk som visar hur SD2IEC funkar. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XqmDuLxtYAk

Recension av Sega Megadrive och C64 Adapter till PC


Jag gillar att spela mina spel med hjälp av emulatorer men det är inte riktigt samma känsla om man inte har rätt handkontroll för det systemet man spelar på. Det finns mängder av kontroller och adaptrar på nätet för att exempelvis koppla in en riktig Dual Shock 2 (väldens bästa handkontroll) eller en Super Nintendo kontroll. Men hur är det då med Sega Megadrive? Eller när man vill spela med en riktig Commodore 64 Joystick (typ Tac-2)? Jag har svaret på detta!

Adaptern jag hittade var tillverkad för Sega Megadrive kontroller. Det bästa är att sladden delar sig och gör att man kan koppla in två kontroller till den. Men som alla vet så har Megadriven samma uttag som Amiga, Commodore 64, Atari etc så jag var ganska säker på att denna adaptern även skulle funka för Joysticks. Vilket den gjorde!


Jag kopplade in adaptern till min Pc som kör Windows 7. Jag tog fram “Set up USB game controllers” rutan från kontrollpanelen och pluggade in en 6-knappars Megadrive gamepad för att kolla så allt funkade och hur knapparna var mappade i drivrutinerna. Allt funkade jätte bra! Och mappningen för alla knapparna var perfekt. Knapparna A,B,C var mappade till 1,2,3. X,Y,Z till 4,5,6 och Start och “Mode” på 7 och 8. Ordning och reda! Sladden funkar såklart även bra med det vanliga 3-knappars handkontrollerna.

Och nu till det intressanta. Jag kopplade in en Commodore 64 joystick. Och jajjemen funkar perfekt. Knappen var direkt mappad till siffran 1 som det skall vara.

Kvaliten på adaptern är verkligen jätte bra! Sladdar som dessa brukar ha dålig kvalite och kan glappa. Men denna adaptern har både en unik och snygg design och verkar vara väldigt tålig. Längden på sladden från usb uttaget till där man kopplar in sin gamepad är strax över en meter vilket gör att den även funkar som en förlägningsladd. Mycket bra!

Så vart får man tag på den? eBay såklart 🙂 Och den kostade totalt med frakt 150kr vilket är ett helt ok pris jämfört med Retrousb som tar 150kr + frakt för en sladd som bara har stöd för EN handkontroll.