Party Games – The Essential Selection


We have played many party games on our gaming nights, some of them get phased out but some of them stick and we never seem to get tired of them. In this list I have decided to list just those games, the best of the best, the party games that we want to play over and over on every gaming night.
All the games in this list has support for up to 4 players. Some of them can only be played on console and some just on pc. If you want the bigger party game list you can find it here.

Mashed (Pc, Ps2, Xbox)
I have praised this many times before and wrote a blogpost about it naming it the ultimate party game. Even if you have played it thousand of times or its your first time its still super fun! Even if you play on the same level over and over it has always different and crazy results, where you cheer, scream and laugh at the same time. Don’t miss this game!


Broforce (Pc, Steam)
As of 2015 Broforce is still in development, but we have been playing it since it first started and we never miss an update. This is a highly addictive co-op sidescrolling actiongame. Brofoce has a great tempo with action and fun situations. Every new game has different results as you constantly switch between new characters that have different weapons and powers and they are all so much fun. This is also one of those games that makes you scream and laugh from start to finish.


Speedrunners (Pc, Xbox One)
Another addictive game that works great with 2-4 players. Its quick, simple to learn and very fun! It makes you go “just one more level!” the game is fun right from the beginning but as you learn the levels it becomes even better! So yes its a very addictive game, if you need another fun partygame to your collection be sure to check this one out!


Beach Spikers (Gamecube)
A hidden gem and an exclusive for the Gamecube. You know this is a hit when you notice that its created by Segas AM-2 team. Don’t get fooled and think that this is another boring sports game, as all other games that Am-2 has created its aimed to be a fun arcade game. Its very easy to learn for new players, but also have some more advanced moves that makes that game even more fun. We always have a blast when we play this one, and its perfect for 4 players! A must-have if you own a Gamecube!


Wario Ware (Gamecube)
Exclusive partygame for the Gamecube. This game is actually better in you have never played it before. Wario Ware is one of those crazy Japanese games containing hindered of quick mini-games. This game needs 4 players to be fun, and some of the best partymodes are locked from start so be sure to unlock them. Another must-have game for the Gamecube!


Samurai gunn (Pc, Steam)
This in the best Arena Brawler i have every played! Amazing pixel graphics, great control and simple to learn. Add 2-4 players in one of the many arenas and get ready to laugh and shout at all the chaotic fun stuff that happens, its so addictive! Every person who i have introduced this game to have fallen in love with in just within a couple of minutes, get this game now!

Samurai Gunn Giant Bomb Quick Look - YouTube - Mozilla Firefox_2015-07-14_16-13-38_620x376
Clusterpuck 99 (Pc, Steam)
Remember Ice Hockey for the Nes? One button to shoot, one to tackle and also the charge shot when holding the button. Clusterpuck 99 is Ice Hockey on drugs and its sooo much fun! The controls are super simple and everyone knows what to do, just get the ball inside the goal. So this game is perfect as a partygame that everyone understands in just minutes. And its super intense, ending up with screams and laughter 😀 Really recommending this game!


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64JPX Adapter Review (c64)


I got my c64 when i was 7 years old, a couple of years before i got my first Nintendo. I loved my c64 but even back then i never understood why the controller only had one single button, it was so irritating. And it bothers me still today. There are always workarounds when the developers created all these amazing games, the most obvious example is all the platform games, you often need one button to execute your action  (punching or firing your weapon), but then you also need a button to jump. So how did they solve this, well just push up on the joystick. So simple but yet extremely annoying, i just hate to push up to jump it should have its own button! And now, finally its possible!

The 64JPX – JoyPad eXpander is a small apapter for the c64 (and  Amiga and Atari compatible systems)  that makes it possible to use a Sega Genesis/MegaDrive, Nintendo SNES/NES gamepad on your c64, and the best part is that it has these on-the-fly selectable enhancement modes that for example places the “push-up-on-the-joystick-to-jump” to one of the buttons on the gamepad.

I have to be honest, i prefer to play games with a gamepad. Sure Joysticks and the Commodore 64 is something special, but i still think a gamepad is so much better to play with. Therefor i just had to have a 64JPX. Its possible to connect a Snes gamepad but i prefer the Sega Genesis controller so i bought the model of the 64JPX that had support for the Sega gamepad
Some of you might say “But you dont need an adapter to connect a Sega Genesis/Megadrive gamepad to the c64, they already work” Well that’s true, but not many people know that a connected Sega gamepad on a c64 can actually break the controller port on the c64!  With the 64JPX you dont have to worry about this, just plug and play.

And now to the fun stuff, the “Enhancement modes” There are three different pre-defined modes that you can switch between on-the-fly while playing a game by pressing a special button combination on the gamepad.
If buttons A, B, or C are pressed at the time the start button is released then 64JPX will enter one of the alternate enhancement modes. With the default mode the A button on the gamepad works just like the button on a Joystick. B and C are turbobuttons, perfect for shooter games.
My favorite mode is the Platform/Racing mode that changes the A button to simulate pressing UP on the gamepad. In platformgames like Giana Sisters you now have a dedicated jump and fire button, i just love this! And it also works great on racing games where up sometimes is used to accelerate or switching gears. There is also a Waddle mode for those Joystick-killer games where you have to waddle the joystick left and right, but instead of breaking your controller you can just enable this mode and press a button.

I made a video demonstrating the three different enhancement modes on some c64 games.

I was really pleased with the 64JPX adapter and I really recommend it! The adapter is created by the man who is behind the 64hdd website. I sent him a couple of mails regarding some questions about the adapter and I got a reply very fast, very helpful. No problems ordering and the shipping was very fast.

You can get a 64JPX from here:

IMG_2953_620x465My C64G with the 64JPX, Protovision 4 player adapter, Sd2EIC Sd card reader, The Final Cartridge III and a Scart-cable

25 Christmas games

It’s that time of year again, time to play retrogames! Oh and also its Christmas! So why not play some amazing Christmas games? To make things a little easier I have made a list of 25 Christmas games! Some of the games have a Christmas theme and some just have lots of snow but they are all perfect to play during the Holidays! Merry Christmas Y’all

Updated 2016-12-14
– Added: Shotgun 4-Player Death Match
– Added: Fork Parker’s Holiday Profit Hike
– Removed: Jazz Jackrabbit: Holiday Hare
– Removed: Merry Gear Solid: Secret Santa (Pc)

s432e3b9Special Delivery: Santa’s Christmas Chaos ( C64, ZX Spectrum, Atari)
I was really impressed with this game, at first i thought that it was just some kind of shmup game where you fly around collecting presents that fall from the sky. But Santa’s Christmas Chaos actually consist of three small minigames. When you have collected the presents on the first “shmup” stage you can land on a house, climb down the chimney and enter the next stage where you need to climb down a couple of ladders while avoiding deadly fire flares. If you survive and reach the end of this stage you are finally inside the house. Here you need to find the key that leads to the room where you plant the presents, but this is easier said than done! The house has many rooms with doors and stairs and an in some of the rooms are children running around, if you get hit by one of these its instant death. Didn’t know Santas works was so dangerous 🙂

christmas_nights_ps2Christmas Nights (Sega Saturn)
Nights into Dreams for the Sega Saturn is probably one of the most overrated games i have stumbled upon! I got this game for my Saturn and knew that people really LOVED this game, but its just so boring  and repetitive. All you do is just fly and collect these stupid little gem things. But if you for some reason liked the original game you will love the Christmas edition!

t3ewdlvfDaze Before Christmas (Megadrive, Snes)
If you really are looking for a Christmas game that actually has that real Christmas feel then look no further! In Daze Before Christmas you actually play as Santa Claus and your mission is to rescue all the elves that has been imprisoned by the evil snowman, you achieve this by running around like an idiot, jumping and avoiding stuff. And this game also has some really nice graphics!

hivodmmsSki or Die (Nes, Amiga, C64)
Snowball fighting, Snowboarding, Downhill skiing, Ski or Die has all the fun stuff of the winter season and more!  Compete with your friends in five sportrelated wintergames while listening to groovy music.

jetpackJetpack – Christmas Edition (Pc)
This is the Christmas edition of the classic pc game Jetpack. Its still the same game but you now play as Santa and you are now collecting Christmas presents. Love these old one-screen pixel games 🙂 And it comes with a level editor which is really fun.

This is a game I play every year when it starts to snow here. SSX 3 is so much fun, amazing graphics, level design and music! This is still the best SSX game in the series, the develpoers are trying very hard to create a sequel that is better than SSX 3, still no luck. Lots of bright colors and lighting and the snow feels fantastic, perfect to play during Christmas 🙂

skiSki Free (Windows)
Everybody remembers Ski Free right? Well not me.. somehow i missed this amazing game! It was released for Windows 3.1 but was later ported to other Windows versions and systems. You can tell it has a very strong fan-base, just look at all these amazing fan fictions based on Ski Free over at Ski Free is perfect to play during the holidays because it includes skiing, an endless amount of snow and everyone’s favorite, the Abominable Snow Monster!

fire_and_ice_christmas_05Fire And Ice Christmas Special Edition (Amiga)
This is just a one-level special edition version of the Fire and Ice that came as a bonus game on a disc with the magazine Amiga Power (issue 20, December 1992) This Christmas edition is very short but its still fun and looks really good!

msmpkv48Wintergames (C64)
I just love Epyx sportgames for the Commodore 64. They are simple and fun! And its perfect to play with friends as a partygame. Turnbased up to 8 players with many fun events. My favorite event is Biathlon, so much fun!

18984-max-payne-windows-screenshot-game-is-divided-into-many-chaptersMax Payne (Pc, Xbox, Ps2)
The Max Payne games are great! And now im talking about the two first games from Remedy.. not that last one. But i really like the first one best. Doing a stunt jump and landing it the snow on the streets of New York, making snow angels with a baretta in each hand.. that’s Christmas! for Max Payne at least.

imj6w70tSnow Bros (Arcade, Nes, Megadrive)
This is a really fun arcade game that is kinda like Bubble Bobble but with snow instead of bubbles 🙂 Really fun to play and is perfect for two players. The Sequel has support for up to four players and have characters with unique skills.

mh46hld7Ice Climber (Nes)
This is a real classic Nes game, and it was the first game i played on the Nes. I loved it then and I still love it today! A really fun game for 2 players, either you cooperate to reach the top of the mountain or you race and see who can reach the top first.

1354_fullDuke Nukem: Nuclear Winter (Pc)
This is an expansion for the original game. The plot sounds amazing, Duke needs to travel to the North Pole in order to stop Santa Claus that has been brainwashed by aliens! I never played this mod but im guessing that its just as good as the original game!

Shotgun – Shotgun 4-Player Death Match (c64)
Shotgun was released for the c64 in 2016 and has support for the “Classical Games 4-Player Interface” making this an awesome 4 player deathmatch game for the c64! As a bonus Dr. Wuro Industries released a special version of Shotgun called “X-Mas Edition” sounds like the perfect deathmatch game to play with your family on Christmas! You can download it for free here:

Winter_Heat_-_1997_-_SegaWinter Heat (Sega Saturn)
This is the sequel to the very fun game DecAthlete/Athlete Kings. I just found out about this game from an episode from my favorite retrogaming youtubechannel Game Sack  and ordered a copy of it on eBay 🙂 Its just like the original game but with wintergames instead, probably a lot of fun!

Santa's_Xmas_Caper_009_(Amiga)Santa’s Xmas Caper (Amiga)
You play as Santa, armed with unlimited number of snowballs. Your mission is to collect Christmas presents that are scattered around town ore die trying. This game has a nice Christmas style and music.

Super_Mario_World_-_A_Haunted_ChristmasSuper Mario World – A Haunted Christmas (Snes)
This is a short little Christmas romhack for Super Mario World. It has some nice snow and winter graphics and new music, mostly taken from other Snes games. Its a fun little game to play during Christmas. You can download the romhack here.

shot_3Red’s Christmas Party! (Snes)
A pretty nice hack of Super Mario World where you play as the character “Red”. For some reason he forgot to bring all the Christmas presents home so he has to go through this one stage and collect them all. You can download the hack here.

tethersPuzzle Agent 1 & 2 (Pc, iOS)
You just have to love Agent Tehters the town Scoggins! You play as Agent Tethers from the Puzzle Research Division who has to visit the small and snowy town Scoggins to solve a mysterious case. The games are created by Telltale in other words its a point-and-click game but with a twist! The game has puzzle-mini-games everywhere integrated with the story, and they are really fun and tricky! And I just love the art and character design created by Graham Annable. This game works great to play with a friend as its very funny to try to solve the puzzles together also as the entire game is placed in the snowy town of Scoggins its perfect to play at Christmas 🙂

Fork Parker’s Holiday Profit Hike (Pc, Steam)
You play as Fork Parker trying to to scratch out a little profit by climbing huge mountains using his incredible jumping skills and using a grapplinghook. The game looks great and has a nice christmas feeling. You can download the game here!

#10 – Pixel Boarder (Xbox Indie)
A really fun retro-style physics snowboarding game! The sprites in the game are very low-resolution and has that great pixel retro style, and the music is made from various artists from the music community the 8-Bit Collective. The game can be a bit tricky at first, but when you get the hang of the physics its really fun!

hollemm92Christmas Lemmings (Amiga, Pc)
If you like Lemmings and Christmas, then this is the ultimate combo for you. New challenging levels during Christmas.

hH4fvK5Super Mario Bros 2: Christmas Edition (Nes)
This is a Christmas mod of Super Mario Bros 2 for the Nes. Graphics has been changed replacing the default sprites with Christmas inspired stuff. The world is covered in snow, the characters and enemies has new outfits and it even has animated snow falling from the sky! Download the mod here:

mashed8te6(2)Mashed: Fully Loaded (Pc, Xbox, Ps2)
If you follow my blog you know how much i love Mashed, its the best party game I have played and no other game has made me laugh so much! The reason i added this to this Christmas list is because of the best level in the game, the level that you spend the most time at: Polar Wharf. This racing track is not far from Santas hideout on the North Pole. Gather your friends and play this game now!

James_Pond_2_screenJames Pond 2: Codename RoboCod (Megadrive, Amiga and more)
And finally, the ultimate Christmas game.. James Pond 2! You take the roll of the secret agent James Pond how needs to rescue Santa from the evil Dr. Maybe how has taken over Santa’s workshop. This game has it all, amazing and colorful graphics, fun leveldesign, and a great soundtrack that fits really well to the game! You really need to play this game during Christmas!

The Ultimate Xbox setup

Photo 2014-01-18 12 43 10_620x438
When the original Xbox was released it was an impressive machine with a very strong core but it still didn’t stand a chance against the Playstation 2. But when the mod chips where released it changed everything about the Xbox. Thanks to the mod chips that unlocked the Xbox and made it possible to create any software you wanted for it it changed from a console with a lacking game library to a supercharged multimedia center and emulator monster!
When a chip was installed in the Xbox you could install XBMC that could stream all your music and moves from your network. You could install linux and run it as a sever. Or you could install the many amazing homebrew games and emulator ports to play all your favorite retrogames.

I love retrogames and collect games and systems but I also love emulators and the Xbox has the best emulators and gamelaunchers for this! The retrogaming community has created some amazing applications for the Xbox where you have the entire library of retrogames complete with screenshots, movie previews, boxarts, manuals etc. Smart options where you can filter your games to find a certain genre or filter games after number of players etc. They are all pre-configured with the four gamepad slots on the Xbox so there is no need to configure anything, just connect your gamepads and start playing!

I just got my fourth Xbox recently and decided to make this the ultimate Xbox. I wanted to install a big harddrive and install the latest and best emulators out there. I’m going to walk through all the steps of the progress and what software I installed to create the ultimate Xbox setup.

More space
The original Xbox HDD only has an 8 Gig HDD, thats not much. But its possible to have your favorite emulators on this space. But its only the essentials, just roms not fancy stuff like screenshots, video previews etc. So its recommended to get an Xbox with a 120 Gig HDD or more to have room for all the cool stuff. They latest Xbox i got only had an original HDD so i decieded to take one of my old 200 Gig IDE HDD:s and install it. I followed this guide on youtube that described how to clone the original hdd to the new hdd. And it worked great. When i connected the new 200 Gig HDD it looked and worked just as the 8 Gig HDD that i just had disconnected but with much more space.

Step one, always install XBMC
There are many launchers for the Xbox, most often a modded Xbox comes with the “Avalaunch” that is a dashboard replacement that can launch other software from the Xbox. Its very simple and ugly so the first step is to install the latest version of XBMC.
XBMC is a gorgeous mediacenter for the xbox that can play media locally from the HDD or stream it from your network. It has support for 720 and looks amazing! It also works as a software launcher so you can run all your emulators and games from there. And it always runs an FTP server in the background which means that you can copy all the applications and games from your pc when XBMC is running.
When XBMC is installed i always make this my default dashboard, so when i start my Xbox it automatically starts XBMC as default. There are many guides on how to do this. Its really worth it!
Check if a new version of XBMC4Xbox is released on the official site: and then you can download the installation from or google for it.


Transform your Xbox into an Arcade machine
The emulator and gamelauncher “CoinOps” is really amazing. As im writing this the latest version is CoinOps 5, and this version has support for 40 different gamingsystems and has support for 22,000 games! You can download and install the complete CoinOps 5 release that has over 3800 games installed all with movie previews. In the launcher you can filter the list in many ways to find the games you are looking for and with a press of a button you can add the games you like to your “favorites”.
The strength of the CoinOps launcher is that its so easy and fast to play games, they are all pre-configured with your gamepad, all you need to do is press a button and it starts. Just like a real coin operated game in the Arcades. But this is also its weakness, there is essentially no options. You cant configure anything, It has very bad support for gamestates etc. And if you want to play an rpg game where you want more control, better savestate support etc then CopinOps is not the best option. Therefore you need a better emulator for this, and that what im going to talk about next.


Xport and Ressurection Xtras
The Xport emulators is a lot of emulators created for the Xbox. Each Xport version is an emulator for a singel system and when you launch that emulator you have total control over how you want to to work! Everything works great from the start but you can change stuff as you please. You can reconfigure the controllers. Cnange the screen resolution and size. Apply filter effects. And you have great control over the savestates with many saveslots and small screenshot previews etc.
Later a group released the Ressurection Xtras addons to make the Xport emulators even better. They updated the emulators and fixed bugs and added new features. They created amazing themes to make it more beautiful and have support for 720. And in the launch list of your games you could now see a screenshoft of the game, a video preview and scans of the covers of the original games.  These emulators is a must-have for the Xbox. You can download these emulators on or


Homebrew and ported games.
There are many amazing games ported to the Xbox. For example you can now play old retro pc games like Doom and it runs perfectly. Indie games like Cave Story has also been ported. There are too many to list but some of my favorites that i really can recommend is the port of Super Mario War and Streets of Rage Remake All of these releases are available on isozone

High resolution
The Xbox has Component out support. This means that if you tv has a Component input you could get a 720 HD resolution with your Xbox and this is really recommended! A Component cable for the Xbox costs about $10 on eBay. All emulators i have mentioned above has support for the component cable and some original Xbox titles as well. If you are having problems with enabling the 720 resolution then you might need to change the region on the Xbox which is very easy using Enigmah, i wrote a tutorial for this here.

Streets of Rage Remake on the Xbox


Here is my little guide on how to  get Streets of Rage Remake or ”SoRR” to work on your Xbox!

About SoRR and the Xbox version:
SoRR was released in 2011 by Bomber Games for the Pc. This amazing remake combined all the Streets or Rage games into one game adding hundreds of new features and upgraded graphics. SoRR has alternative routs with a total of 103 stages and 19 playable characters that you can unlock while playing the game.

When the final version of SoRR was released it did not take long before SEGA contacted Bomber Games and asked them to remove the game from there servers. Eight years of work for Bomber Games to make this amazing remake, just one week for SEGA to stop it. But thankfully its still possible to get if you look around on the net.

SoRR was only released for the Pc but was later ported to the Xbox by A600. And this is perfect because its so much simpler to play it from your Xbox. Great gamepad support and 720 resolution!

I must remind you, if you really want to play Streets of Rage Remake the easiet and most stable way to do it is on a Pc with Windows! I only wrote this guide for those who want to play it on an Xbox.

Oh and the music is really amazing, here is my favorite track fromt the Streets of Rage Remake ost:


The Guide:
And im now going to walk you through how to play this on your Xbox.

This is what you need:
A modded Xbox
An Ftp client
Streets of Rage Remake Final 5

First you need to connect your Xbox to your local network and start a program on your Xbox that have and Ftp server enabled, im using XBMC. Then you need to connect to the ftp server on your Xbox from your pc with and Ftp client, im using the free client Filezilla.

When you have connected to the Xbox you need to browse your way to where the games are placed. For me its F:Games (it might not be the same folder on all Xbox versions, so you need to find it yourself) and just create a folder called SoRR like this: F:GamesSoRR

Now you need to download the files that you want to copy.

First you need the Xbox SoRR files that where created to make the actual game work on an Xbox. The original file is called but a critical bug was detected in this version that crashed the game after beating a boss, and this was fixed in an update. So its better for you to search for the updated version called xSorRv5_Update1.rar on google

When you have the files just copy them to the new folder you have created.

After this you need the full version of the SoRR Pc game. To download this search for on google and search for SORRv5

When you have the files you need to copy the following folders/files to the same folder


So the folder that is now located on your Xbox should look like this:

Xbox - xbox@ - FileZilla_2017-05-03_09-18-36

That’s it! Now the game should work! But there might be some small problems. I had some issues with the screen resolution. The size of the screen was to big and I couldn’t see the edges of the game. Thankfully its possible to change this in the file called xbox.cfg in the SoRR folder. As default x and ypos and x and ystrech are set to 0 but I had to change these. Im using a  Hd tv and I have my Xbox connected with a Component cable. These are the settings I changed in the xbox.cfg file:


Unlock everything!
SoRR  also has many cool stuff bonus stuff to unlock in the game! When playing the game you earn points that you later can spend in the shop section to unlock new characters, cheats, modes and more!
I already had a savefile on the Pc version that I had been playing. So I simply transffered this savefile to my Xbox version of SoRR, but that totally messed up the gamepad mapping for the Xbox version. And as the mapping is really strange in the Xbox Port it took me quite a while to fix this, but now its done and works great! So if you want to play the game with everything unlocked here is the savefile:
the file needs to be copied to the savegame folder. But remember to make a backup of the savegame.sor file that already is there, just rename it or something.


Enjoy the game!


Twin Peaks References

This is just a little collection of references to my all time favourite tv-show Twin Peaks. This is one of the most unique tv-shows ever made and it’s always fun to see when other movies/shows and games include references to Twin Peaks.


We all know that the finnish game developers Remedy love the show and have always had some small references to Twin Peaks in there games. I remember in Max Payne when a tv-screen in one of the apartments was showing a strange tv-show with red drapes and the same pattern floor as in Coopers dream. It showed a really bizarre show with a talking flamingo.


Later in Max Payne 2 you could actually follow a tv-show in the game whenever you found a television, the show was called “Address Unknown” (again with the flamingos) I think the idea with a show within a show was taken from the tv-show “Invitation to love” that often appeared in Twin Peaks. Remedy also repeated this concept in the game “Alan Wake” where you could watch a tv-show called “Night Springs


Alan Wake has big references to Twin Peaks. The town in Alan Wake is called Bright Falls and essentially is the town of Twin Peaks, the mountains, douglas-firs, and even the diner in the town. There are also lots of references to the story and characters of Twin Peaks. When the game was under development it sounded very promising and fans expected a surrealistic dark adventure game with a David Lynch inspired story, but instead it turned out to be a repetitive action game and by many called one of the most disappointing games of 2010. (You can find my thoughts about Alan Wake here, written in Swedish)


In 2011 a game appeared from nowhere called “Deadly Premonition” and only after playing a couple of hours you knew that this was the Twin Peaks game we where waiting for. We have an FBI agent that visits a small north-western US town to investigate a young woman’s murder, and like agent Cooper he loves Coffee and also talk to him self as Cooper talks to “Diane”. We have the town that looks and feels like Twin peaks where we can find the diner and the police station, also many of the characters are inspired from Twin Peaks and it doesn’t take long for you to know witch one it is from the show. Also the bizarre surrealistic dark story with the cool jazzy music from the tv-show is there! If you want a heavily inspired game to Twin Peaks this is the one!


Here is a photo I took when I was playing the dlc to Mass Effect 2 called “Lair of the Shadow Broker”. This *is* the best dlc for Me2 so if you haven’t played it, get it asap! 🙂 In one of the quests an ad on a screen flashes by and shows reference to Coopers dream 🙂

Well this is all I have for the moment, if you know any other Games or Movies/Tv-shows that have references to Twin Peaks, please post them in the comments. Thanks!

Mario Bros. vs Mario Bros. Classic Serie


I have always loved the Mario Bros game, ever since i first played the arcade port of it on my Commodore 64. Its one of those timeless games that you never can get tired of. Its super simple to learn and control for new players, the gameplay idea is also simple but at the same time it can be very challenging! Mario Bros is a game for two players, and one thing i really liked about this game is that you can choose how you want to play it, either you coop with a friend and try to finish as many levels as possible or you battle up and try to kill your friend and get the highest score.

My favorite port of Mario Bros is the version released by Nintendo back in 1983. But it wasn’t until recently I discovered a new and upgraded version of this fantastic game called Mario Bros. “Classic Serie”. For me this version spiced up the game and made it even more fun! I’m going to walk you through the differences between the “original” and the “classic” versions.


The Mario Bros. Classic Serie version is actually a port of a game called Kaettekita Mario Bros that only was available on the Japanese Famicom Disc System. Back then the only way to get your hands on Kaettekita was to buy a blank FDS Disc and find a “Disc Writer” Kiosk at the mall, insert the disc, pay about 500, yen and then you had the game! Maybe an easy thing to do back then but nearly impossible to do today. Advertisements where also shown between the levels, for example one of them showed an ad of the upcoming Super Mario Bros 3 game.
Kaettekita Mario Bros. was later ported and released in Europe as Mario Bros. Classic Serie but with a new title screen, and instead of ads they added small instruction clips explaining the different abilities and enemies throughout the game.

So lets talk a little about what differs from the original version. The graphics have changed slightly, new sprites had been added for the enemies. We can for example see a new look on the turtles we encounter on the first level. They have also added a nice little animation to the turtles when they after a while crawls out their shell and flips it back 🙂

Well the biggest change is that you now have the ability to change direction after you jump! This might sound like a small update but it really makes a big change in the gameplay. With this new ability to change direction in mid-air the game gets so much faster! You can climb the platforms really fast as you can jump around edges, you also have more precision on where you land witch can help you avoid enemies and fireballs etc. For me this update made me change the way i used to play Mario Bros, i now move much faster between the platforms witch is really fun but at the same time I made more mistakes, but that’s just me 🙂 If you master the jumping right you can clear a level very fast, and its fun!


There are also big changes to the levels. If you play coop with a friend its now much more fun trying to beat the game, or at least trying to get as far as possible. Its now three levels you have to finish before reaching the bonus level, instead of two. The bonus levels change style every time, for example in one bonus level all the platforms where invisible.
Also a new deadly obstacle has been added when you reach the later levels, remember those falling Icicles in Ice Climber? They are now added 🙂 I’m not entirely sure about this, but have never seen them in the original version.

With the new added ability to change the direction in the air made the game easier and you can notice this as the original game gets tougher very early in the game as the classic version gets tougher a little later and the gameplay feels more balanced.
These small updates really makes the Classic Serie version much more funnier to play. And i can really recommend playing this with a friend and try to beat as many levels as possible!

Mario Bros Classic Serie is released as a Nintedo of Europe (NOE) game and as far as I know is only released in Germany. Does anyone have any other information just leave a feedback comment.

Here is a little movie i recorded comparing the Original and Classic version. Notice that the original version only has two levels and the Classic has three before reaching the bonus level.

Retrogamer’s Videogames Hardware Handbook Vol 2.

Back Camera

Retro Gamer recently released volume 2 of there massive 260 paged bookazine “Videogames Hardware Handbook”.

If you have no clue of what this is you can go back and check my review of Volume 1 here. This time the color of the bookazine is blue and includes 28 different gaming systems. A mix of consoles and computer released between 1977 to 2001.

My first thought when i ordered Vol 2 was what systems Retro Gamer would include this time? Well if you have Vol 1 you might notice that some of the biggest gaming systems like the Playstation, Megadrive/Genesis or Amiga 500 where missing, and these are now included in this volume witch is great! But what about the rest? Well as Vol 1 covered the most popular and most known systems Vol 2 instead got more of those rare and obscure systems like the Acorn Archimede, Sam Coupe and Simon.

When i flip through the pages of Vol 2 I also notice that they had to few systems to write about as most of them now where covered witch gave them more space and instead included some other related articles as the history of gamepads & joysticks and an article about the rise and fall of the Virtual reality games.

All the articles are as always very well written with everything you need to know about the gaming systems and they all have the “Perfect 10 games”. As they had more space in this bookazine they have even added the top 100 list for most of the systems, perfect for those who are new to a system and want to know what games to keep an eye at. The Videogames Hardware Handbook Volumes 1 and 2 is really recommended for all retrogamers out there! You can purchase it at for about 15usd.

As i mentioned in my review of Volume 1 neither Retro Gamer or Imagine Publishing told us about what systems where covered in Volume 2, so once again im going to help you out by including a list of the gaming systems covered in this bookazine.

Mega Drive
Atari 5200
Amiga CD32
Neo Geo
Amstrad GX4000
Famicom Disc System
Atari 7800
Sega 32X

Amstrad PCW
Amiga 500
Spectrum 128
Apple II
Amstrad CPC 6128
Ataru 800 XL
Sinclair QL
Sam Coupe
Acorn Archimedes
Sinclair ZX80
Acorn Electron

Pokemin mini
Pc EngineGT
Sega Nomad
MB Simon

Contra III: Alien Wars Vs. Contra: Hard Corps

Back in 1987 Contra was released for the arcade, a fantastic co-op sidescrolling shooter that later got ported to the NES in 1988. This game was huge hit with its support for co-op multiplayer support when it was released and some people even say that it´s one of the best games ever for the Nes. We are now going to take a look at the two Contra games that were released in the 16-bit era and once and for all decide wich one is the winner! On one side we have Contra III: Alien Wars for the SNES and on the other side we have Contra: Hard Corps for the Sega Genesis/Megadrive. Some people say that the Snes version is the best, and other says that the Genesis version is the best, I have decided to take a dive into these two great games and decide what game really is the worthy winner!



The Awakening
First off we must keep in mind that both games were developed by Konami and that Hard Corps were released two years after Alien Wars and therefor has the advantage. But does this matter? some people still states that Alien Wars is better so there must be something more to it? We must also remember that when these two games were released either you owned a Snes or you owned a Genesis, so its a chance that you only played one of these games. Lets not let your nostalgic feelings get in the way of this battle! Now lets start the match!

Characters, Guns and ammunition
On thing we notice when we start up Hard Corps is that we have a choice of four different characters, something new that we haven’t seen before in a Contra game. Alien Wars for the Snes still follows the concept of the original arcade game and only has one character, and his twin brother if you play co-op. Hard Corps has a huge advantage here, not only do these four charaters have their own look they also have a unique weapon selection! In Alien Wars you only have a total of 5 weapons to collect throughout the game versus Hard Corps that has a total of 16 unique weapons! So there is no doubt that Hard Corps has a more variety in the game with different characters and weapons of choice for the player.


Levels and gameplay
Ok lets talk about the level designs and varity of enemies, monsters and obstacles you will encounter in the games. Alien Wars has a total of 4 levels (excluding the 2 top-down levels) packed with mini bosses and battles but when we take a look at Hard Corps we notice something totally different, at the end of every stage you get a path selection witch leads you in to a new level of your choice! The path you choose effects the story – yes Hard Corps has a storyline in the game compared to Alien Wars that doesn’t seem to have a story at all – and the path also leads to a whole new look of the enemies and levels. Hard corps has a total of 14 levels, and depending on witch way you choose in the game you have 6 different endings! This gives Hard Corps a great replayability!

The Contra series leveldesign is famous for its great mix of events during the levels, a mixture of one-hit-kill enemies, climbing on walls, platform jumping, fighting minibosses and crazy big end bosses of every level. This mix is what defines the Contra games and we tried to compare the variety of this mix for both of the games. What we felt was that Alien Wars had more of the one-hit-kill monsters than Hard Corps that had had more fun minibosses and crazy events. Alien Wars has a total of 18 bosses in the game compaired to Hard Corps that has a total of 38 bosses! The level design of Hard Corps were simple more fun and had more fun elements than Alien Wars.

Alien Wars has two special stages with a top-down view that you might remember, these stages used the Super Nintendos Mode 7 feature to rotate the background sprite, looked very cool but after a while you will notice just how annoying these levels are! They should have made two real levels instead.


This game is tough!
The original Contra on the NES was voted #1 by gaming website as being the “Toughest Game to Beat” and these two games are no exeption. Both the US versions of the Contra games are very hard, if you get hit once you die! I i think its a shame that they didn’t add a energybar instead.. wait a minute there is a energybar! Yes if you get your hands on the Japanese version of Hard Corps you will find that each characters has an energybar containing three dots meaning you can survive three hits before you die! This makes the game much more fun and less frustrating. I have no idea why they removed this when it got released in the US.

The Conclusion
There is not much to say, Contra: Hard Corps to the Sega Genesis is without a doubt the winner in this fight! Hard Corps may have been an underrated and overlooked game when it was released but its still one of the best Contra games in the series and have some amazing elements in the sidescrolling shooter genre. It has great variation of characters, weapons and levels that gives it a great replayability. The game looks, sounds and feels great and its really fun to play! So you out there who only have played Alien Wars you should definitely give Contra: Hard Corps a try, you will not get disappointed!