My Mega Everdrive Faq

I recently got my hands on the Mega Everdrive! If you found this page browsing on one of the many nets you probably already are familiar with the Mega Everdrive. But just to quickly explain for you who never heard about it, the Mega Everdrive is a cartridge for Sega Megadrive or Genesis with a Memorycard slot! Insert an SD or MicroSD card filled with dumped Megadrive roms and play them instantly on your very own Megadrive. Sounds amazing right? and it truly is!

Besides playing Megadrive games it also has support for the Mastersystem (without the powerstation add-on) And also x32 games (requires the actual x32 add-on)

I had many questions before I got my Mega Everdrive, so im writing this to share my knowledge. Lets just call this my Mega Everdrive FAQ!


Sd and MicroSd. What? huh? Where?
On the top of the Mega Everdrive board you can insert either a SD card, MicroSD card or a MicroSD Converter card (thats a card that has the size of an SD card where you insert the smaller MicroSD card) all of these works.

The SD card slot is placed on the BACK side of the board. Note that the SD card will be visible! The SD card is much bigger than the MicroSD so you will have make a hole in the case (this is if you order the board only).
The MicroSD card slot is placed on the FRONT side of the board. When inserted on the board it wont be visible. I have not tested this, but im pretty sure that you have to open the case to insert the MicroSD card and then close it again.

So if you go with the SD card it will look a little silly and ruin the nice look of the cartridge with a big card sticking up at the top. but its so much easier when you want to take out the card if you want to copy new roms to it. If you go with the MicroSd it will be hidden inside the cartridge, makes it looks much nicer, and also protects the card better.

Note that you cant use both the Sd and MicroSd cards at the same time.


Save state option and folders.
Save states! This is the strength of the Mega Everdrive! Remember that when you get the Mega Everdrive the “in-game menu” is disabled. You need to enable this by pressing the C button at the menu. When enabled you can access the Save State function during gameplay! All you need to do is pressing DOWN + START when playing a game. A few Megadrive games don’t have support for this. Mastersystem does not have support for this at all.

So where does the Save State files go? After creating your first Save State in a game a folder called “Saves” is created on the SD card. In this folder every Save State will have the name of the game you saved followed by a BIN extension. Like this: Sonic2.bin

Remember that you need to either RESET the Megadrive or go to the ingame-menu and then exit the game back to the OS to create the actual Save State file! (You will see some line of text flashing by very fast, and you see the text “saving..” somthing.. this when the save files are written to this folder)

Preparing the SD card! Operating system and roms.
Why not spend some time preparing the SD card while waiting for the Mega Everdrive to arrive? First you need to download the Operating System and place it on your SD card. Create a folder called “MEGA” and copy the OS file called “MEGAOS.BIN” to that folder. Done!

Now we need to add some games. Note that *.gen, *.bin, *.sms, and *.32x. are the only formats that are supported. Krikzz recommends you to use the GoodGen 3.0 collection, and all the roms in this collection are in *.bin
There are about 700 roms for the Megadrive and its recommended to only have 400-500 roms in one directory. So it might be a good idea to split the entire game library into TWO folders, more folders that two are just silly! You can browse a folder very fast using LEFT and RIGHT on the controller (skips an entire page). UP and DOWN vill move the selection one step.

There are many fun hacks, homebrews and fan-translations for the Megadrive. So it might be a good idea to create a folder for each of these categories. And then go and download all these fine hacks!


Here is a photo of my Mega Everdrive running on a Pal Megadrive. As you can see i have created a couple of folders to easy find the games im looking for. The names of the folders are sorted alphabetically, so if you want the folders in a certain order just add numbers before the name of the folder, “01 Megadrive” etc.

Some games does not work?
I have encountered some games that didn’t start. And that is probably because the rom file is not compatible with the Mega Everdrive. As recommended use the GoodGen 3.0 rom collection. If you have this collection then you can see that there are many different versions inside a zip, try every version of the rom inside the zip and hopefully one will work! I had this problem with Road Rash II. Inside the zip you can find four different dumps of Road Rash II but I only got one of these to work! Though this is very rare, almost all games work on the Mega Everdrive its good to know that its still possible to find a compatible version in the collection.


Where can I order a Mega Everdrive?
On Krikzz site (the creator of the Everdrive cartridges) you can find a list of sites on the net that will sell the Mega Everdrive. But Krikzz actually sells them from his own store called “Retrogate”
The shop is placed in Europe and at the time had the cheapest price of the Mega Everdrive. Aldo the shipping is only $5 Worldwide! You can also add a case with a very nice sticker!

I ordered my Mega Everdrive from Retrogate and it went very smooth! I live in Europe and it only took 5 days for it to reach me! My only complaint is that it was only sent in a Jiffy-bag. I would have preferred a cardboard box/parcel. But it was ok! No damages or anything! So my experience with purchasing from the Retrogate store is only posetive! And it feels a little better ordering directly from the creator of the Mega Everdrive.

Enjoy the Mega Everdrive!
Hope that this little Faq has been helpful! If you need any more help check Krikzz’s support forum

Mina favorit Visual Styles 2012

Jag har försökt hänga med detta året med alla nya Visual Style themes som dykt upp. Jag var själv väldigt aktiv och gjorde egna themes för ett par år sen till Windows XP men har tyvärr inte gett mig på att göra themes till Windows 7. Jag har helt enkelt överlåtet det till eliten på Deviantart. Här är några av mina favorit themes från 2012.

Uniko by =kiko11

Detta är min favorit theme och jag använder den fortfarande. Jag älskar verkligen känslan i denna VS:en. Valet av färger och den kantigare designen. Dett temat släppes i slutet av 2011 men den senaste updateringen gjordes i 2012 så jag valde att ta med den i listan ändå 🙂


Classic AE 2.5.3by ~Saarineames

Retro! Att lägga ner energi för att porta gamla stanard windows designen från pre-winxp är ju helt underbart!


Space Blueberriesby =neiio


.: Visual Style: Macnificent ~ymme1st


Belloby =kiko11



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