Twin Peaks References

This is just a little collection of references to my all time favourite tv-show Twin Peaks. This is one of the most unique tv-shows ever made and it’s always fun to see when other movies/shows and games include references to Twin Peaks.


We all know that the finnish game developers Remedy love the show and have always had some small references to Twin Peaks in there games. I remember in Max Payne when a tv-screen in one of the apartments was showing a strange tv-show with red drapes and the same pattern floor as in Coopers dream. It showed a really bizarre show with a talking flamingo.


Later in Max Payne 2 you could actually follow a tv-show in the game whenever you found a television, the show was called “Address Unknown” (again with the flamingos) I think the idea with a show within a show was taken from the tv-show “Invitation to love” that often appeared in Twin Peaks. Remedy also repeated this concept in the game “Alan Wake” where you could watch a tv-show called “Night Springs


Alan Wake has big references to Twin Peaks. The town in Alan Wake is called Bright Falls and essentially is the town of Twin Peaks, the mountains, douglas-firs, and even the diner in the town. There are also lots of references to the story and characters of Twin Peaks. When the game was under development it sounded very promising and fans expected a surrealistic dark adventure game with a David Lynch inspired story, but instead it turned out to be a repetitive action game and by many called one of the most disappointing games of 2010. (You can find my thoughts about Alan Wake here, written in Swedish)


In 2011 a game appeared from nowhere called “Deadly Premonition” and only after playing a couple of hours you knew that this was the Twin Peaks game we where waiting for. We have an FBI agent that visits a small north-western US town to investigate a young woman’s murder, and like agent Cooper he loves Coffee and also talk to him self as Cooper talks to “Diane”. We have the town that looks and feels like Twin peaks where we can find the diner and the police station, also many of the characters are inspired from Twin Peaks and it doesn’t take long for you to know witch one it is from the show. Also the bizarre surrealistic dark story with the cool jazzy music from the tv-show is there! If you want a heavily inspired game to Twin Peaks this is the one!


Here is a photo I took when I was playing the dlc to Mass Effect 2 called “Lair of the Shadow Broker”. This *is* the best dlc for Me2 so if you haven’t played it, get it asap! 🙂 In one of the quests an ad on a screen flashes by and shows reference to Coopers dream 🙂

Well this is all I have for the moment, if you know any other Games or Movies/Tv-shows that have references to Twin Peaks, please post them in the comments. Thanks!

Det börjar bli dags för Twin Peaks

Hösten är nu här och då brukar jag alltid tänka på en utav världens bästa tv-serier Twin Peaks. Jag förkippar Twin Peaks till hösten då jag förr brukade kolla igenom Twin Peaks på vinterhalvåret men också för att själva staden Twin Peaks känns så där blåsig, kall och mystisk som det brukar bli till hösten 🙂 Så snart blir det dags att köpa hem ett lager paj och plocka fram kaffekokaren (fastän jag inte dricker kaffe 🙂