Streets of Rage Remake on the Xbox


Here is my little guide on how to  get Streets of Rage Remake or ”SoRR” to work on your Xbox!

About SoRR and the Xbox version:
SoRR was released in 2011 by Bomber Games for the Pc. This amazing remake combined all the Streets or Rage games into one game adding hundreds of new features and upgraded graphics. SoRR has alternative routs with a total of 103 stages and 19 playable characters that you can unlock while playing the game.

When the final version of SoRR was released it did not take long before SEGA contacted Bomber Games and asked them to remove the game from there servers. Eight years of work for Bomber Games to make this amazing remake, just one week for SEGA to stop it. But thankfully its still possible to get if you look around on the net.

SoRR was only released for the Pc but was later ported to the Xbox by A600. And this is perfect because its so much simpler to play it from your Xbox. Great gamepad support and 720 resolution!

I must remind you, if you really want to play Streets of Rage Remake the easiet and most stable way to do it is on a Pc with Windows! I only wrote this guide for those who want to play it on an Xbox.

Oh and the music is really amazing, here is my favorite track fromt the Streets of Rage Remake ost:


The Guide:
And im now going to walk you through how to play this on your Xbox.

This is what you need:
A modded Xbox
An Ftp client
Streets of Rage Remake Final 5

First you need to connect your Xbox to your local network and start a program on your Xbox that have and Ftp server enabled, im using XBMC. Then you need to connect to the ftp server on your Xbox from your pc with and Ftp client, im using the free client Filezilla.

When you have connected to the Xbox you need to browse your way to where the games are placed. For me its F:Games (it might not be the same folder on all Xbox versions, so you need to find it yourself) and just create a folder called SoRR like this: F:GamesSoRR

Now you need to download the files that you want to copy.

First you need the Xbox SoRR files that where created to make the actual game work on an Xbox. The original file is called but a critical bug was detected in this version that crashed the game after beating a boss, and this was fixed in an update. So its better for you to search for the updated version called xSorRv5_Update1.rar on google

When you have the files just copy them to the new folder you have created.

After this you need the full version of the SoRR Pc game. To download this search for on google and search for SORRv5

When you have the files you need to copy the following folders/files to the same folder


So the folder that is now located on your Xbox should look like this:

Xbox - xbox@ - FileZilla_2017-05-03_09-18-36

That’s it! Now the game should work! But there might be some small problems. I had some issues with the screen resolution. The size of the screen was to big and I couldn’t see the edges of the game. Thankfully its possible to change this in the file called xbox.cfg in the SoRR folder. As default x and ypos and x and ystrech are set to 0 but I had to change these. Im using a  Hd tv and I have my Xbox connected with a Component cable. These are the settings I changed in the xbox.cfg file:


Unlock everything!
SoRR  also has many cool stuff bonus stuff to unlock in the game! When playing the game you earn points that you later can spend in the shop section to unlock new characters, cheats, modes and more!
I already had a savefile on the Pc version that I had been playing. So I simply transffered this savefile to my Xbox version of SoRR, but that totally messed up the gamepad mapping for the Xbox version. And as the mapping is really strange in the Xbox Port it took me quite a while to fix this, but now its done and works great! So if you want to play the game with everything unlocked here is the savefile:
the file needs to be copied to the savegame folder. But remember to make a backup of the savegame.sor file that already is there, just rename it or something.


Enjoy the game!


9 thoughts on “Streets of Rage Remake on the Xbox

  1. Is there and Easy way where i can pay you to do this for me or maybe sale me a Disc with the game, just thought i ask, i can pay you up to 50.00 Dollars for this

  2. Hi Sable! Try following my guide, and if you need help i can give you some support!Both the game and the patch are free so i cant take any money for it. But i can try giving you some support and help installing it. Send me a mail if you have any questions

  3. Hello there, Okay so I’m new to this Xbox, I got one because I saw the game Street of range in the Ultimate Sonic Collection, I came across the site and saw that there was a new version with all new people and i was blown away, I don’t know what i will need to get this, but if there is a way you can help me i would be so thankful, Sorry i sound crazy but I dont know nothing about Xbox i have one that says xbox 360 

  4. Mine doesn’t work on the first Xbox. I tried Filezilla and I received failed transfers from the dat file and others. I tried FlashFTP and everything transferred and it would not work. I see the selection of XSorRv5 on the menu and when I select it it just returns back to the menu. Please help.

    • Thats a strange problem. If you are able to connect to the Xbox you should be able to copy stuff to the Xbox. There might be some places on the Xbox structure where you cant copy stuff to.. try testeing to copy the game to another partition or folder. what application are you running on the xbox to get the ftp access? maybe try some other application? im using the built in ftp server that comes with Xbmc, but other works well to. Try testing different apps.
      Also try to copy games FROM the xbox to your computer? does that work? Im sure that there is some problem with the access to the hdd of the xbox or some other ftp related problems. try testing different methods and try to figure out whats wrong. and filezilla should work fine!

  5. I can transfer roms and emulators with no problem with Filezilla. Is it possible that my evolution X is outdated? My xbox was modded in 2004. I will try to use the built in ftp server.

  6. Thanks for this, I got an old school xbox just so I can this on the TV. Looking forward to SOR4 but I cant see it being as good as this SORR


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